Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing refers to online advertisements on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Moreover, digital marketing also refers to marketing on various websites and social media websites like Facebook, Gmail, Linked In, etc.

All the marketing and advertising efforts carried out that use Web and emails to drive customer’s sales via electronic ecommerce are referred to as Internet Marketing.

Some of the specialized areas of marketing are :

  • 1. Web Marketing : It includes marketing at E-commerce Websites, affiliate marketing Websites, informative Websites, promotional Websites, advertising on Search Engines, and display of right websites on search engine results via SEO.
  • 2. Email Marketing : It includes marketing at various Emails engines like Gmail (Paid), promotional emails, newsletters from various websites where the user is registered, etc. to current and prospective customers.
  • 3. Social Media Marketing : It includes viral marketing at Social Media engines like Facebook, Linked In, etc. specifically targeted at audience particular to the service. It involves passing of a promotional message to a large crowd.
  • 4. Behavioural Marketing : It refers to strategies and techniques in which marketers use automated emails to collect data and information about an email subscriber, to gain information regarding their target markets and audience, and design appropriate email campaigns for different email subscribers.
  • 5. Conversion Marketing : It is the act of marketing through which customer is encouraged to take a specific action, through which he can be converted into a paying customer. We measure customer’s behaviour and plan accordingly strategies and actions to convert each type of customer into a buying customer. We collect date regarding conversion rate and apply appropriate strategy to increase it in next time.

In order to accomplish our task of increase in Total Sales for a company, we use different digital marketing technologies as mentioned below :

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) :

It is the process of improving website visibility on organic Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s), by developing an SEO friendly website and incorporating specific tags (metadata’s and description) into the website.

SMO ( Social Media Optimization ) :

It includes use of number of Social Media outlets like RSS Feeds, Social News and Bookmarking sites, Social Networking Sites and Video Uploading and Blogging Sites, and various communities to generate publicity to increase product awareness, brand and event.

PPC ( Pay Per Click ) :

It stands for Pay Per Click ( PPC ), model of digital marketing where advertisers pay a nominal Fee (depending on other competitors) each time when their advertisement is clicked by the user. It is generally buying specific audience visits to your website.

Social Media Networking :

Social Media refers to an online community where people of same nature interact with each other and connect together. Specific audience is targeted from the target market for publicizing particular products of the company using social media tools of selection of audience using gender, profession, location, areas, company, age, etc.