Life @ iGravitas

iGravitas is located in the centre of IT hub in Hyderabad.It has an exceptional interior design,robust infrastructure and is available with all basic amenities.

When it comes to Working Culture, it is one of the most desired and target Company for young and budding aspirants to work in.

We believe in maintaining Work-Life Balance for all our employees. It is nothing but maintaining encouraging and supportive working environment in the organization. This uplifts employees to have balance between emotional and corporate responsibilities and strengthen their productivity and loyalty towards their Employer.

Employees at iGravitas have low levels of work-family conflict as reported by our senior managers and professionals. They instantly get support from their supervisor, co-workers whenever required; there is clarity about job roles and responsibilities and its boundaries in everyone’s mind; there is very little or no job dissatisfaction; and lastly we follow boundary less hierarchy structure, where everyone has the right to approach the upper management, in case of any critical issues.

We also believe in understanding employee’s personal issues such as work responsibilities, children, spouse , housework and elderly parents care. We also extend our help and support to employees in managing each one of his responsibility in parallel and coordinate with his office work.

Currently iGravitas employs around 10 – 15 people in its core team in which we encourage atleast 33% of female participant. We believe in mutual growth of organization as well as each employee.

Employee Testimonials

Some of our employee testimonials are mentioned below


Manas Kumar Bauri

Graphic Designer

Hari Kishore Naidu.P

Web Designer

Swetha Kumari

Software Developer

Manasa S.

Software Test Engineer