Web Design And Development Company

iGravitas TechnoSoft is one of the leading Web Design & Development Company located in Hyderabad. Incorporated in 2012, we are a team of leading professional web developers and designers each having 4+ years of experience in field of Web Design and Web Development, come forward to render our expert services across different sectors in Information Technology. We have over 1000+ satisfied customers all over the world with 99% accurate customer service.

Our Company offers Web Development services, Web Designing services, Web Hosting, Website Support and Maintenance, Domain Registration, Hosting Services, E-Commerce services, E-Commerce Website Designing and Development and Internet Marketing services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Optimization (SMO), etc.

We also provide wide range of web hosting services like Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Semi-Dedicated Server, Dedicated Servers, etc. highly customized according to client’s needs.

We are dedicated to provide optimal web-based business solutions to our small and medium business partners at the most affordable and competitive pricing that stands out the market. Here at iGravitas, we understand the uniqueness of each business and accordingly provide the best feasible web solutions exactly meeting their requirements.

Our Design Methodology

After many years of industrial experience in Web Design & Development, we have streamlined the web development process, despite of size, cost, length and type of project that we undertake. Our project lifecycle is described below :

  • Discover & Planning : In this first step, we discover the project requirement and check the feasibility of its technological implementation. We also verify that whether its implementation will exactly fulfil the needs and goals of business. Next, we also plan the design of proposed web application.
  • Design : Next step is to design a prototype of the proposed application. We make a rough sketch or a wireframe of the project according to requirements discovered in first phase and discuss the same with client to gain any missing information in design and update the design.
  • Development & Implementation : In this step, we will start with the database design, once wireframe is approved from client. We will also develop some web pages that exactly depict the wireframe of application. Attention in detail is given to front-end programming like CSS Style sheets, content management, high graphics, etc. In this phase, client will have access to progress of their development and participate in on-going discussions during the project. The testing occurs at regular steps and after each updating and bugs are fixed.
  • Application Deployment : The final step in web development is website deployment. Once the site is completed and tested from developer’s end, it needs to be deployed on client’s server. Once successfully deployed and functional, the website needs to be tested at client’s location to find any bugs and fix it. After this, the site needs to be submitted to various search engines and directories and other internet marketing activities can be carried out.
  • Monitor : Through our services of and Internet Marketing and SEO, we can ensure the on-going success of client’s website. Monitoring the website for site errors, performance, and visitor stats will play an important role for ensuring long-term success.
  • Maintain : As the business requirement change regularly, therefore, year after year the website needs to be uploaded with new and fresh content. Our Web Support and Maintenance services will ensure that the client’s website is updated regularly with fresh content and images, etc. to help client’s business grow.